I've had incredible opportunities to work with others in moving from something they desire to something they experience in their lives and work. There is nothing more fulfilling for me in my life than helping others find fulfillment in theirs.

Gabriel really inspired me while building Las Olas Travel. He always had a new angle, a new connection, or a new piece of advice to give. Gabriel inspired me to re-design our entire website & was with me every step of the way giving a fresh perspective. The greatest quality Gabriel possesses is that he truly, deeply cares about helping others, a rare quality to find these days. He sees the potential you might not see in yourself and encourages you follow your dreams. I’m more than happy to have met Gabriel, I couldn’t imagine Las Olas Travel getting this far without him.
— Rachel Wilson, Co-founder and CEO
If you are ready to accelerate the process of realizing your business or personal goals, give Gabriel Killian a call. Working with Gabriel, you will shift your perception of your challenges, evaporate limiting beliefs and liberate your creativity.
— Naomi Colb, International Coach and Trainer
Gabriel is a smart, high-energy, manager who has a skill set that will fit and can be used by most any organization. We have taken advantage of his talent and services on numerous occasion.
— Jon Green President & CEO / Co-Founder, BizInBoxMD LLC / Equilibrium 2.0 LLC / Exclaim Entertainment LLC
Gabriel helped me reframe the way I was looking at my own financial worth. This is a topic that is particularly close to my heart, and is far easier to define in theory than in practice. He gave me concrete tools as well as a mantra to aid in defining -and owning- my financial value.
— Allison Peeler, Personal Organizer
His unbiased and honest words were the stepping-stones that I needed to dig myself out of a hole of self pity. It wasn’t until I was told to not view myself as a victim that I was truly able to step back and open my eyes. His advice is encouraging, warm and above all very helpful.
— Jessica Gaskamp, Pet Lover/ Groomer
I met Gabriel unexpectedly but at exactly the right time. I was in the middle of a life change and not sure exactly the direction I was going to take. Spending some time chatting with him helped me to realize what my life goals actually were and the steps I needed to take to get to where I was going. He helped me see that I did indeed deserve a life of passion, purpose and impact. Gabriel will be in your corner encouraging you, urging you to step outside your comfort zone and help you in achieving your life’s goals. Gabriel has an amazing soul and a passion for helping people obtain greatness.
— Jesse Lobb, Consultant and Reiki Practitioner - Costa Rica
He’s passionate about helping others define their goals and ultimately reach their fullest potential through honesty and a contagious zest for life. I truly feel heard and like I’m finally an active participant in my own life. Gabriel is such a unique human being and his perspective is incomparable. In the short amount of time we’ve had together, he’s already facilitated my gain of an invaluable admiration for life that I was lacking before. I already feel as if I’ve grown spiritually, secured more confidence in myself, and have released the “control” I never really had to begin with. I’ve found an overwhelming sensation of peace and calm just living in the moment, finding joy in the now, and that I am exactly where I am meant to be. He has so much to offer the world and I’m just grateful that he’s joined my journey.
— Sarah Ables, Educator

Are you ready to move from desire to experience?